Friday, 31 July 2009

Children's drawings from the seventies

When I was scanning some old pictures, I saw this photo of my Mum, with a familiar looking drawing pinned to the wall. Not because I was the kid who created this drawing, but because I knew I still had this particular drawing somewhere in the few boxes I lug with me through my life.
The painting turned out to be 39 years old. In the corner was written 'Patricia 5 years old'.
Would Rembrand be a mediocre drawer too when he was 5 years old? Hehehe ... certainly! ;-)
Maybe the only unusual aspect I already had in my younger years could be the preference for non-blue skies.
One year later details start appearing; A chandelier which -looking at the back bulbs- attempted me to make a kind of perspective. A bracket for the hanging painting and a kind of anchor above the front door.
And although a perspectively correct opening fence was probably beyond me, I found a good lock important enough to draw.


  1. Very gifted for a girl that age ;-) Red "bloody" sky............

  2. I dont have children myself, so I have no idea :)

  3. just beautiful work and the Cat was always very important in your life....I can tell Patricia ;-).
    My drawings were a reflection of daily life, just like yours. In your drawings I recognize your Mum and your pet Cat. And the safe haven of your Home.