Saturday, 31 March 2012


Joining the A.R.T. (Art Revolution Taipei) was a real milestone in my career. The decision to be at the fair in real person was even better. One great learning course!
Before I received an invitation of X-power gallery in Taipei to participate this adventure I never have had much thoughts about Taiwan. Some people I told about my plans even confused Taiwan with Thailand ;) And to be honest; I had to do some investigation on the internet too, about what kind of country this was.
When the date came closer I got more and more excited about what was going to happen. The organisation sounded so solid and professional. I had shipped my paintings in advance and booked 10 days Taiwan for two. Everything was taken care for.

It was a fantastic experience. The A.R.T. fair as well as Taipei itself. I'm definitely in love and will be back next year!

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